FAQs About Hair Chalking

1. Can I use sidewalk chalk or oil pastel to chalk my hair?

No, Don't use those. Sidewalk chalk is too hard for  hair, Oil pastels will stain your hair. The best chalk for hair is "soft Pastel" Which designed for artists.

2. How Long will the color stay in hair?

Based on most users' experiences, it will stay 1-2 days, then it will get fade. But untill you washed them out, there will still have colors in hair.

4. After I chalk it can I like curl it or straighten it?

YES! The heat actually sets it in so it lasts longer! Wait for your hair to dry completely before using an heat tools though!

5. My hair is brown, what chalk colors will be good for me?

Blue, Pink, Purple will be great for brown hair which are more "red based"!

6. I have black hair, will the chalks work?

Yes! It will work just dampen the hair where you want to dye it because with black hair it shows more when it's damp.

7. Will the chalk get on your clothes when you are walking?

No, but it was suggested After chalking your hair, you'd better brush your hair a bit to make sure the slippery chalks drop first. Also you can wear a useless T-shirt when doing the chalking to avoid getting dirt on your clothes.

8. How many times can one Chalk be used?

It depends on how many strands you want to chalk your hair, If you like, One chalk will be enough for you to chalk a full head.If you are new to the hair chalking, below tutorial video will teach you how to get started! 

9. Do you ship to my country?

We ship worldwide!

10.Do you supply wholesale?

Yes, click here to visit our wholesale page!

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