Buy Hair Chalk, Get Free Hair Feather Accessories! - Ends By July 20!

Any Chalk Order over $15 will get one of below 4 items FOR FREE! (You pick your Prize!)

Any Chalk Order over $100 will get All below 4 items FOR FREE! 

Rules are simple:

1. Register on and order chalk products.

2. Put a comment on your order to let us know which Free Accessory/Earring/Extension you want. (eg, I want product B, purple colors")

3. All Done! Just stay at home to wait your Amazing Hair Color Chalk and Feather Accessories to come!

Gradual Neon Synthetic hair Extensions 5 Colors availalbe Sweet Neon Kids real feather earrigs 5 colors available 12-14" Long real Salon Grade grizzly feather hair extensions 3 feathers Multi color beading Hoop BOHO chic earring

Hi Sweetie! You Can Have These FOR FREE! Move Fast, Move Now! Or you Will hate Yourself Later! (100% reward! 100% Win!)  Want to view more gorgeous feather items? Visit our feather website to view full catagories!

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1.A minimum order value of $15 is required to Activate this program! (shipping fee not included!)

2.One Customer can only win once!

3. For hair feather extensions, we supply free micro link beads for your installation.