• Melissa USA

    I tried Kisspat Hair Chalk on each of my kids hair. They loved picking the colors and styles. I used it on my own hair so it's not just for Kids! I was excited to try it and it was extremely easy to use.

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  • Angie B. USA

    I received the Kisspat Hair Chalk pastels in the 12 color variety pack. The colors were very vibrant in the box. In taking a piece out it was smooth and had a very slight oil feel to them. I wasn't sure how to apply them initially but there are instructions on the bottom of the box as well as their website. You can either dampen your hair itself or dampen the piece of chalk to apply to your hair.

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  • Eveydaylife USA

    My opinion is not only were these fun to play with but if like me your afraid of making a long term commitment to a wild hair style these can give you a temporary fix plus kid love them for school spirit or fun parties.

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  • Stacy aka Dnbuster

    he color stayed in great. It did fade a little when she brushed thru it. She could even style her hair the way she wanted with the hair chalk in her hair. It washed all out in just one washing!

    She is still trying the other colors!! With 12 colors she will be playing with the color combinations for weeks!It was very easy for her to apply her hair. She wet her hair and rubbed the chalk on the strands she wanted to color. She gives it a B+. It did make the strands of her hair feel a little dry where she applied it. Other than that she loves the hair chalk!

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  • Jenn USA

    We really had a blast with these. Each of the twelve hair chalk sticks produces bright, vibrant color – and the better your hair is dampened, the brighter the look! Since Ryan’s hair is a little lighter than Alyssa’s, the colors were a little brighter on him. I haven’t yet had the chance to try Kisspat Hair Color Chalks in my own hair because my kids have kept me so busy with them (seriously, we’ve been doing different colors for each kid for almost every day of the week), but I will soon, and when I do, I’ll post an update!

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  • alicia humphrey

    The color stayed pretty well, it faded when I brushed my hair. Then it came out easily when I washed my hair. I'm really happy with the Kisspat hair chalk, and I plan to continue using it! I'm excited to try all of the different colors out.

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  • Freda Mans

    As you can see I have naturally very dark brown hair. That didn't matter though. The color is visible and stands out clearly. It shines almost a purplish color but I like that. I like how I can wear a touch of color with my day clothes and still look and feel appropriate, not like I just stepped out of a club. It really is quite fashionable. I think teenage girls will benefit the most from the trend though, but will still advise my trendy mom friends to check it out.

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  • Amy Selleck

    This really is such a great way to allow your child to temporarily have some fun with hair colors without actually having to dye it. You can buy Kisspat Hair Color Chalk on HairColorChalks.com. It works for almost any type of hair (Blonde, Black, Brown or Red).

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  • Kimberly Walker

    Hair chalks are the latest fad, that are perfect for all ages. They're super easy to use, and they wash out leaving no permanent color. What else is awesome about this brand of hair chalks? They're such good quality that they even show up on dark colored hair.

    I have dark brown hair, and I found no problem with them showing up. The trick is to use them on damp hair, or if your hair is dry just wet the actual chalk. Super easy... even a child could do it!"

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  • Mary Walker

    They say you are only as old as you feel. Well, I’m 53 but who says I’m too old to use hair chalk. You’re never too old. We go to bike week twice a year and some of the stuff you see there is amazing.I have been wanting to try hair chalk for quite awhile now. And I am really happy to receive Kisspat Hair chalk.

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  • Connie Gruning

    We I had so much fun!! The look on Alice's face says I had way more fun!! All of the colors washed out with baby shampoo that night. You can't beat that! It doesn't harm your hair!! EVEN BABY HAIR!! It's fun!! Big bonus for me?! I found a color that matches my hair and covers the gray!! So in between hair coloring's I have Hair Color Chalks to help hide the gray! I added a little flash of pink color on the underside of my hair just for fun. This stuff is FUN!!!!!!! I can't wait to do Emma's & Eli's hair next!!

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  • Jacqueline Diaz

    I thoroughly enjoyed using the Hair Chalk, it was fun, simple and non permanent. Everyone wanted to use it I posted a picture of my “Chalked” hair on Facebook and I got many compliments on how it looked. I used mine with my hair dried I haven’t used it on wet hair yet but I am going to be trying that soon. It comes in a box with all your colors; 2 reds, 2 blues, 2 greens, 1 yellow, 1 orange, 1 white, 1 brown, 1 purple and 1 black for a total of 12 colors. If you have a pre-teen or a teenager who is experimenting with their hair and color but you don’t want them to look crazy this would be a great alternative to give them.

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  • H. M Lynn

    I am so glad we got to try these, I have nothing negative to report about them except I actually wish it lasted just a little longer, but them main perk is that the chalks are temporary and they are super easy to use! So, we will just keep reapplying.I am going to add some red to a few small sections behind the ear on myself tomorrow!:)

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  • Sharon Price

    Katie and I had so much fun playing with these bright beautiful colors in her hair! I say Mommy approved!

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  • Victoria Heckstall

    I shampooed twice today and the end of my hair are still blue. Not that I’m complaining but if I had anything professional to go to I might get a few odd looks. I am really impressed with the ease of use though.

    I will be purchasing some of the sets to keep on hand for birthday presents and a way to keep the kids busy with a sleepover! I will probably end up purchasing in wholesale amounts so if you are interested let me know!"

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  • Victoria Heckstall

    I was amazed at how easy the hair chalk is to apply to one’s hair. For Halloween my son was Spiderman and the hair chalk added to his costume by allowing him to have red hair.

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  • Victoria Heckstall

    The hair chalk at HairColorChalks.com is professional soft chalks that are perfect for safely adding temporary color to any hair type. It works well in light or dark hair and is easy to use. My girls have been going nuts with this set of hair chalk. Kinsley loves having rainbow hair and asks me to chalk her hair after every shower. I will sit on one side of her and give her rainbow streaks while she works on coloring the other side. Yes, it is so easy, a three year old can do hair chalk!

    Read Full Review at http://katenkaboodle.com/2012/11/10/say-goodbye-to-boring-with-hair-chalks-review/

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