Where to buy the cheapest hair chalk product?

From the beginning of the year, hair color chalk is becoming more and more hot. Girls love this product just as same as they love hair feather extensions in last year.  Here in this post, we will do a little research on the hair chalk sale in market. We will find out where’s the best market place to buy your cheapest and finest hair chalks. We will source it from Yahoo, Google, Amazon and Ebay, we will find different suppliers and look into the products details and prices.

1. Ebay

When we tried to search “hair chalk” on ebay, we found 168 products available in the searching list. But the prices are quite different from products to products. ( I think that’s maybe there’s a  lot of personal sellers on ebay and the prices can be ruleless). For pastel hair chalk, some are as low as $4.5 or $5.5 for a box of 12 pack mixed color chalks.  At same time for the same item, some sellers sale them at $18. When I tried to click into these products, we found there’s no package or artwork for hair chalks. They are soft pastel hair drawing pictures!  Some even sell hair chalks by PC.  Also there are some Hair color chalk tube set for sell. And the prices are pretty good too, some are sold at $11.9 for a tube of hair color chalk.  These chalks are good, if you donot think they are expensive, it is highly recommend to buy these. But  keep in mind, donot buy them if the price is over $15.99.

2. Amazon

They say Amazon has everything, I can see this had been proved. When I tried to search hair chalk on Amazon, there are 397 items found. From hairflairs hair color rub to Ting hair color chalk, there are several famous hair chalk brand products listing on Amazon.

Hairflairs Hair color chalk  $6.44/PC

Donna Bella Hair Chalk  $10.49

And also there are many other branded hair chalk pastel in box sets which sold from $10- $50. The colors are different. You can choose some based on the colors you want. Before you adding any item your shopping cart, please keep in mind to read the reviews or comment from other customers to verify the products and the seller. Also   to make sure you will get the right thing you want, please donot buy the products only has hair chalking colors on head but no actual pictures of real products.

3. Google

If you google “hair chalk” in google, you will find many other chalk product suppliers there. For example, Hairflairs and haircolorchalk.com, also there’s a website called “Dhgate.com, they say: “Hair Chalk- Buy directly from Chinese Supplier!”, I digged a littele bit into the website, and found there are so many items listing in this website. Some of them are very cheap, but the prices are all messed up. And the products are cheap low quality chalk pastels which you have no idea to tell which is which. Some of them don’t even have a proper package, I am not sure if these chalks can be delivered find in the long distance shipment for international orders. But if you do not care these issues, then you may want to check this website and find the right vendor you like and order some from there.

4. Free People

Recently I also find another very interesting supplier on hair chalk products- FREE People.

Check it out here: http://www.freepeople.com/whats-new-accessories/hair-chalk/ I have no idea Free people is now providing this product. But I think they are quick. This product is very interesting and worth to buy.

free people hair chalk

5. Kisspat Hair Chalk

The office website is http://haircolorchalks.com, they provide all kinds of hair chalks as best as you can ever find.

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  1. geralden taopa says:

    where can i buy this in quezon city philippines?

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