Kisspat Hair Chalk 24 Mixed Fashion Colors Pack


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Full description of Kisspat Hair Chalk 24 Mixed Fashion Colors Pack

The Box set contains 24 fashion colors, package comes with instruction and ingredient.

Our high-quality Hair Chalk provides your hair with everything you need to look fabulous.

With this 24 pack hair chalks, You will enjoy exploring all the color combinations possible. You will get a rainbow of chalks that will work on any color of hair.

Use these Pastel chalks to Chalk hair is easy:

1. Get your hair damped where you would like to apply the colors.

2. Rub on the pastel on the damp section of hair.

3. Straighten or curl your hair after finished Rubbing.

4. You can also do this with dry hair, just wet the pastel and rub onto your hair.

Hair chalking is the latest trend this season. No commitment,affordable price and easy to use! Why not have a try? This item contains 24 assorted colors of hair chalks as showing in picture. They are professional Soft chalks which are perfect for hair chalking.

No matter what colors are good for your hair, you can find it in the pack.

A few Tips you should read before Chalking your hair:

1. Using a curling or flat iron after chalking can help seal your hair if needed.

2. Blondes may have to shampoo a few times before the color fully rinses out.

3. When Doing the hair color chalk, you should take care of your clothes and hands. You can wear a needless T     shirt or somthing like that and wear a one-off glove.

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Customer reviews

Posted by on .
I am so excited to share my review of this hair chalk on your website!
I tried out the purple chalk. I have dark blonde/light brown hair, and I was surprised at how well the color showed up.
The color stayed pretty well, it faded when I brushed my hair. Then it came out easily when I washed my hair. I'm really happy with the Kisspat hair chalk, and I plan to continue using it! I'm excited to try all of the different colors out.
I will order another pink hair color tube and try it later:)

hair chalk dye

Posted by on .
Kisspat Hair Color Chalk makes it extremely easy to streak your hair in a variety of fun colors without it being a permanent change!
I had a lot of fun using the Kisspat Hair Color Chalk with my girls. My girls love to do streaks of color for fun in their hair, but as a mom I like something that isn't a permanent choice. Kisspat is easily washed out, which I love! So far my girls have experimented with the lime green and the red colors of hair chalk.


Posted by on .
Hi there i received my package today....and i tried it out works like a bomb thank you so much!

I love my chalks!

Posted by on .
I am very happy with my purchase of the Pastels chalk and the price was extremely resonable. I do recommend this company to anyone that is interested in chalking hair with pastel chalk, the quality is great. Fast shipment!

Posted by on .
I recently purchased these chalk colors and am very pleased with them. Even some of the dark color chalks donot show up in my hair, but other bright colors work great! I love the blue, purple,pink and red ones...


Posted by on .
Ordered the chalks three days before and they are now here! Great service!

Great chalks!

Posted by on .
I bought this for my daughter. She has dark hair so she does have to have damp hair when she puts it in so the color will be bright ..she doesn't have a problem with it rubbing on her clothes which is good so no staining her clothes. Would definitely recomend if this product if you are looking for cheap chalk pastel for hair!;-)

it works!

Posted by on .
I bought one set and it arrived here a few days ago.
I had watched some tutorial videos before, but i found it really very easy to chalk your hair with these chalks. I took about 5 minutes to chalk a small strand of my hair and it looked beautiful!
It stays in for about a day, as the chalk will slowly dry out and flake off. You need to wash and condition your hair after 1 day of wearing it.

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